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Wild Horses


Advocates for Wild Equines (A*W*E) is a grassroots group of concerned citizens who strongly oppose the cruel and inhumane roundups of wild horses and burros on our public lands. Our lobby group raises funds monthly to pay for Washington, DC lobbyists who advocate for legislation that stops roundups, protects individual horses and burros, and preserves our magnificent wild equine herds.


Founded in September 2021, Advocates for Wild Equines seeks to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and with various interests including, wild horse and burro protection, preservation of public lands, wild-equine rescue, and climate change. Our grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations welcomes all who share our vision of ending roundups and equine slaughter, as well as rewilding all horses and burros currently being warehoused in holding pens by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

We also support the use of wild horses and burros to prevent wildfires, including the rewilding of these equines into areas that are in dire need of innovative wildfire prevention and mitigation strategies. 

We strongly lobby for the SAFE Act and legislation to stop helicopter (and ALL) roundups. We do not support "The Path Forward."

We support a science-based approach to wild-equine management that includes a detailed analysis of each Horse Management Area (HMA) and promotes a reduction of livestock, including cows and sheep, that are permitted to graze on OUR public lands. This livestock, which FAR outnumbers wild equines, is the true cause of range degradation and environmental destruction, including contributing to climate change. 

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